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Garden Heights Elementary School
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News & Announcements

Kindergarten Celebration

On April 28, 2019, Governor Inslee emphasized the importance of kindergarten by signing Substitute Senate Bill 5028 into law. This bill declares September to be the month of the kindergartner "as they begin their life in K-12 education." We are celebrating our kindergarten students and the amazing team of teachers we have preparing them for their K-12 future.
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Late Start Mondays

This is a reminder that our late start Mondays have started. Breakfast will be served at 9:45. School begins at 10:15. By way of reminder, we don't have adult playground coverage until 9:45.
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Safe Schools Incident Reporting

SafeSchools Alert is an online incident reporting system that lets students, staff, parents, and community members confidentially report safety concerns and suggestions to school administration 24/7/365.
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